My blogging Timeline from 2007

I had many blogs though the past years here is my timeline of blogging.


Started with and

I can say that the posts where more than enough, I don’t know why I dropped them.

I perhaps realized that the domain name weren’t SEOptimized and the .info domains aren’t good.


I merged then these blogs into one and migrated to drupal.

Also I left these two domains and I hosted this blog in a subdomain.


I started a new blog in blogger while having the drupal blog abandoned.


I again started a new wordpress blog on in which I wrote very little mainly about my garden.


Finally I decided to merge all these blogs into one. You can see now all my blogging history from 2007 until today.

I don’t think that I’m going to make any further changes, perhaps I ‘ll play with tumblr a little bit but that’s all.

A big thanks to all the people who supported me all these years.

P.S. All the comments didn’t migrate, so I lost em all. Which is Sad.

Stock of the Day: Jamie Foxx

Looks like another bargain in the twiDAQ twitter stock market !

I’ve found a treasure while looking for stocks.

The Jamie Foxx stock is really at the bottom right now.
Jamie Foxx has an ADTV of 122, which means that the stock is being traded very much.
Also it’s two star stock (Earns & Stable)

Just look at these wonderful graphs:

This week the stock is really down

But also the stock hit the bottom this month.
As you can see it starts to go slightly up.

The 6 months graph shows that the stock is usually higher than now.
Also you can see that at the beginning of the 6 month period only one more time the stock had this low price.

In my opinion go buy as much as you can, you will make a huge profit.

Act right now, the price of the stock now is $6.09 and it’s increasing.

What do you think ?