Tell your family & friends about your product - Ways To Get Customers

Tell your family & friends about your product – Ways To Get Customers

The second way to get customers according to the hundred dollar business blog is to “Tell your family & friends about your product”. Now that is an easy one, unless your family don’t support you.

You might think that the first think you can do to promote your business is to talk to friends and relatives. Well friends yeah, because they will be at the same age as you and they will be happy to help you with your new business.

Family from the other side specially special cousins etc. will try (this happened to me and to a friend) to stop you, or to cut your enthusiasm because they think it’s impossible for you to open a business. Another reason that relatives don’t help you out is because they are jealous about you and your skills.

So before opening conversation please remember that the person who are talking to is open-minded and has something to give you. Such as encouragement, or help, some networking maybe.

Friends and family can be a great way to advertise and promote your business mouth to mouth, but it can return against you too! so be careful.

The family maybe not harm you, but it can stall you. Believe me I have personal experience from this. Most of my relatives say to go to work for the government like a teacher or so, but they can’t understand that I need something else, something more creative, more playful.

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