9 tips to become a better DOTA 2 player

It’s not a long time ago that started to play DOTA 2 – by the way DOTA means defense of the ancients – I think it was about summer 2014.
I’ve watched numerous videos about how to play and which mistakes to avoid as noob.

Also a website I visit a lot is dotafire. I’ve learned a lot nice things from there.
So without any further delay my tips for playing Dota are the following :
1. Learn your hero (watch videos, read articles etc)
2. Go slow, don’t rush things because you end up last. So as a programmer it’s last in first out.
3. Start always with Tango. you need this so you don’t have to return to your base every time.
4. Pick a mix of heroes so your partner will be ranged if you aren’t.
5. Be kind and generous. I was commended a lot because of this.
6. Train with all heroes so you know their strengths and weaknesses.
7. Don’t go away in the middle of a team fight, this is very annoying, unless you’re near death.
8. Always go for runes at the start, please call you partner to come too. It’s very likely to get a kill if the opponent has come alone.
9. Make as many possible last hits so you get more money, and also deny  near to death creepers.

Wow these are a lot of tips.

Anyway, remember it’s just a game, have fun!

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