Ajax Popup windows for Your Site

Ajax Popup windows for Your Site

You should use Ajax popup windows, why? Because an Ajax popup window is:

  • More effective marketing tool. You can advertise anything without to disappoint your visitor with nasty old timers popup windows that are ugly.
  • Much quicker to load as it can preload contents.
  • Much more stylish, which makes it indestructible to its older brother.
  • Dynamic which means that you can determine what will be displayed.

And it has much much more features.

Here are some of the best Ajax popup windows scripts ready to use to your website:

Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Interstitial Content Box
ThickBox 3.1
Prototype Window Class : Samples
The AJAX Engine
Prototype Window Class : Introduction
AJAX-Formular in einer Thickbox


The popup windows become more and more popular. New frameworks are developed very fast like jQuery and others. These provide the basis for the next level of ajax popup windows.

In this update I’ ll review some of the newest ajax popup windows. You can choose then which one you will install to your site.

Shadowbox.js is a very promising popup window script but it is free only for non commercial use. From the other side it’s capable of displaying: images, imagemaps, videos, slideshows, flash content.

Ceebox is a new lightweight popup window script with features like image zooming, video, slideshow, and more.

Floatbox has a very nice image zooming effect and has also all the nice features like slideshow, video display and other.

Lightwindow 2.0 has all the features like the above popup windows but is more stylish.

Lightbox 2 is the king of all because it is so popular of it’s functionality. It has been adapted from many Content Management Systems and blogging systems and is so far the most popular popup window script. It hasn’t so many features like the above scripts but it has great community support.

For installation instructions look at the website which is located the script you want to download.

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