Are there sites that swap sell exam, project, answers, methods on the net?

Today morning came to me this question. And I wondered if I could find this one because it was a bit difficult.

The original question that K.Hobson sent to me is the following:

“What sites are there, where people swap or sell exam/project answers/methods on the net?”

So I’ve searched about 20 minutes and I came with that answer.

Yes there are sites that sell their services and here there are they:

Curriculum Dmoz resources about curriculum.

Study Assistance Dmoz resources about study assistance.

Homework Help Dmoz resources about homework help.

Homework Help and Resources a list with many useful resources. homework helper catalog.

Answerpoint an msn group where people answering questions.

KidsClick! Web search for kids by librarians.

Commercial Services:

Projects at College Professional Help for College Students.

Ready made projects for KS3 curriculum

Free Homework Help With a commission your question is emailed to the tutors.

That’s all I found.

If you know a site that can be on that list leave a comment.

Thank you K.Hobson for that question.

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