Ask people to buy your product or service

Ok here is another one. Carolynn says on her Hundred Dollar Business blog that in order to get customers you got to ask people to buy your product or service.

Easy to say. In reality it isn’t easy to ask for a purchase. You see for the most people it is embarrassing to ask for a purchase.

After years of research the sales people came out that phrases like “Would you buy it?” or “Can we close the deal ?” or like “Should I make the papers?” are very good ways to increase your sales rate.

So whenever you show your product or are you in a business meeting always ask “Should I continue to the paper work?“. Even if your products or services are small and with little value you can always ask “Should I wrap it as gift ?” this is non attacking question and if someone is not sure if he/she buys it or not you persuade him/her to make the purchase.

Play a little with the words and perhaps you will find your own outstanding way to ask your customers for a purchase. If you have an idea I would love to hear it !

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