Blog It! 42 Ways To Get More Customers

The third way to get customers according to the hundred dollar business blog is to Blog It.

You know sometimes things are in front of our eyes but we can’t simple see them.

It is very simple to blog about your products or services and build more trust between you and your customers.

Gimme more info plz:

Ok here we are. Here are some simple tips to get you start blogging without any further question.

  • Write some news about your products. How well they are going. If they are selling. Or what is selling more. What people buy what products.
  • Write detailed information about your products. Take your time and think as a customer. Think how your customer can benefit from your product. Many products are bought from different people. Which means that a product has different meanings to the people. Write about it !
  • Announce your new or upcoming products. Write what should your customers will expect from them and what benefits they have.
  • If you have nothing else to write, then just take your time. Take a product, if it’s a service print it’s specifications on a paper, and think some ideas about it. How it can be improved. Then don’t do it but Blog It first ! By getting feedback you can improve the ideas and the new inventions.

Now If you do all the above, It’s time to go to the commercial part.
If you use your blog not as media for your commercial site (e-shop) then you have to setup products as posts.

After each post you should have a “buy now” button. “Buy now” buttons are very easy to create. I am using paypal to create them.

With these buttons the customer can buy immediately the product almost automatically without having to contact you.

What I want from you to do is to take a lot of photos of your product, from all aspects. Good lighting and a good camera is needed to take some nice shots. Because the customers don’t have the ability to feel and touch the products, you have to give them the ability to watch them very well. If you are selling services put some previous work, like a portfolio. If you can’t show them your service then ask for some testimonials of your best clients.

Now you have the passion needed to write to your blog …. but emmm you have one don’t you ???

If you haven’t don’t worry! You can create one very very easy. There are many free blogging hosts out there. The most popular are blogger, wordpress and typepad.

Sign up and start Blogging to get More Customers ! :-)

Image courtesy of Sheeshoo.

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