Support for Removing Labels at Gmail Filter

I’d like to mention that there is a feature at Gmail that is missing and I’d like to see it in the future.

There is the command “Add Label” to a filter, but there isn’t a command “Remove previous labels” or “Remove this label”.

That would be helpful, to retain a good email structure.

How to copy or move your email accounts from one cPanel account to another

If you changed webserver (hosting provider) and you don’t want to copy all the settings that a full cPanel backup does, which contains lots of useless stuff. Then do the following:

Compress to a tar (using the file manager of cPanel) the following directories which are located at your user directory (not inside public_html):


and then upload the archive to your new host or account and uncompress it.

Thats it !

Ajax Popup windows for Your Site

You should use Ajax popup windows, why? Because an Ajax popup window is:

  • More effective marketing tool. You can advertise anything without to disappoint your visitor with nasty old timers popup windows that are ugly.
  • Much quicker to load as it can preload contents.
  • Much more stylish, which makes it indestructible to its older brother.
  • Dynamic which means that you can determine what will be displayed.

And it has much much more features.

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Installing Thickbox Directions

Mario asked if I could show him an example of a product popup box that he could implement on his site. One realy nice popup box you can use to show a more detailed photo of a product is Thickbox. Thickbox is a jQuery plugin with lots of features. It can show a photo, videos, and other content.

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Site Update from Drupal 5.x to 6.x

IGotAnswers was heavily updated yesterday from Drupal version 5.x to Drupal version 6.x

After long updating times and lot of sweat I manage to update this site to the newer version of Drupal.

The most useful information was a file called upgrade.txt inside of each module archive. Following their instructions I updated most of my old version 5 modules to version 6.

Before starting your updating your own site please read carefully the following guide

Now I have to embellish my theme a little because now it looks pretty simple and clean.

Is Entrecard a good way to increase my traffic ?

Update (27 June 2016): Entrecard shut down at around 2012. After a long time blogging and using these blogging networks, I found out that they simply don’t work.
Probably now there are other perhaps more sophisticated blogging networks or widgets but I think that they will work the same, people click your link just to get points and the leave immediately, even before the site loads completely
I don’t recommend this kind of traffic, but I would like to hear from you if you use such networks and if they work for you.

In this post I’ll try to answer to that question because there is a lot of buzz around Entrecard and I don’t know if it’s worth the time. I explain how the hole system works, and how you can use it to drive traffic to your site or blog.

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How to show Recent Posts by Category in WordPress

In my blog I wanted to display at the front page all the recent posts but not ordered by date. I wanted to display every of my categories by 3 posts each. I’ve searched a lot of plugins but none did the job for me. So I searched about a day how to do it by myself. I finally manage to write a front page template which does this job for me. If you take a look at the blog you will understand what I mean.

Here is the code :