Commission-based sales to get more customers

Continuing the series of the 42 ways to get more customers
I’ll analyse today the following way to get more customers. Develop
relationships with people willing to do commission-based sales
The title says everything. But how can we achieve this ?

At first you will need to find motivated persons
that use your products or services a lot and would be happy
to recommend you. They recommend you already because of the good
quality of your products and services. Why shouldn’t do it much
if they can earn something?

Talk to them. Ask them if they are with your
relation happy and talk to them if they want to make some extra
from a form of cooperation.

That cooperation can be stronger if the affiliate is
has a strong image over the local community. Like a
teacher, reporter, barman, dj. These people usually have good
public relations
, know many people and are a good way to spread
your business.

If they agree then you should make a contract between him or her that
defines the form of affiliation and the way he or she gets paid.

After that she or he is free to do his day job go to events, to
cinema etc. In other words the life goes on. With one difference.
Whenever the affiliate talks about your products or services he/she
knows that if can persuade some people it would be benefitial.
If one affiliate can send you 2 customers per month, imagine what can 10

Another benefit is that it is a win-win situation.
That means that everybody wins. You win because you
gain more customers. Your affiliate wins
because has the opportunity to make some money from
his/her recommendations. And of course the customer wins
because he or she does buy products or services from a recommend store.

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