Creative Zen V plus review

Before about one year my uncle has bought me the Creative Zen V plus mp3 player with mpeg4 support. I couldn’t get it apart from me. I had it with me all the time and enjoyed the beautiful music of the Zen.


I have to tell that it was the best mp3 player I had. It has a lot of features. Besides the million colour screen, it is very small, it has a very gentle acrylic case which makes you to touch it all the time.


It can sort the Songs by Date, Album, Artist, and has a nice dj feature. The dj is a feature that allows you to play your most played songs. Yes ! Zen can remember which songs you play most and so it makes a list with your favourite songs.


Also it supports many playlists, and of course you can bookmark the position of the song so you can go back later from where you left. This is very nice when you listen to large podcasts and you want to save the current position.

I am a computer geek, so a such mp3 player was the best gift for me. It was like a motivation to go out and walk and listen some great podcasts or my favorite music. I took it when I jogged, when I walked, just everywhere.

One downside is that it doesn’t have much volume. So I putted in the largest volume scale, to be complete isolated from the outside world.

It has other features too, like equalizer and digital bass boost. You could choose how to play the songs, or if they will be repeated.

Another great feature is that you can play videos. Although it has a tiny screen, it is just right for little videos. You can see photos too. It can zoom into the photos or display them as an index. The best thing is that you can set a favorite photo as background. You can see the photos as a slide show by setting the time interval.

The Zen V Plus has radio support and you can save your favorite channels too.

Some other great features is the integrated calendar and todo lists. All that stuff are transfered through the software that the Zen V Plus comes with. It converts the videos to playable format and resizes the photos too. You can manage the songs and download podcasts.

Another minus for the Zen V Plus is that the software is only for MS Windows and Mac and not for Linux. But there is a little package called Gnomad which will do your job in Linux too.

About June my Zen fell on the floor and the screen stopped working. I managed to change it and get money back so I bought another which I will review in the future.

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