Firefox addons to increase productivity

There are a bunch of extensions that you can use for fun or for your convenience. Although many of the past ad-don features where implemented by Firefox directly.

I thought I could share with you what I use nowadays which is not a lot, but are making my day better.

uBlock Origin

This is the most essential tool in my toolbox as it allows me to browse without being spied to. I’ve used uBlock for many years and I’m really satisfied with it.

In the past I used AdBlock Plus but since Adblock and Adblock Plus are being part of what’s called the “Acceptable Ads” program I switched to uBlock Origin.

By the way the “Acceptable Ads” let’s advertisers pay their way past adblockers.

uBlock Origin is open source and has all the features someone would need. To name a few:

  • Notification of how many “things” were blocked
  • Detailed color coded list of which domains are loaded and blocked (or not)
  • Block individual elements with an element picker
  • Block groups of elements on the website such as all popups, large media, external fonts, cosmetic filtering and javascripts
  • Power off uBlock for the specific website
  • and much more

Also uBlock is super customizable with rules and filters which are not in the scope of this post.

Another cool feature of uBlock is that it can run on Firefox mobile (at least on Android) and you can have all these features there too.

Emoji Cheatsheet

This ad-don offers a button and a popup with the selection of the emojis supported directly from the browsers. I am using this ad-don mainly to substitute the emojis that I have in the Android keyboard.

The cool thing about this plugin are the following 2 features

  • Search – and it’s pretty good because it takes in account synonyms i.e. when you search for ‘launch’ you get as a result the rocket 🚀
  • Output of both Unicode and github flavored Markdown. This feature is pretty useful when you write issues, documentation etc in github, gitlab etc. i.e. the 😎 emoji is :sunglasses: in Markdown.

LeechBlock NG

I’m using this extension to “protect” myself from compulsive browsing 😬.

This extension allows you to set timers and blocks for specific times for websites. You can have various scenarios where for example in your workdays don’t want to watch more than 1 hour Netflix (actually such a rule have I).

There is a cool feature that displays a timer in a chosen corner so you can see the time left.

After the time has passed a block page from LeechBlock is being shown.

You can have something like “snooze” which gives you + minutes.

All in all it’s a good extension that can increase your productivity if of course the rules are held. Because that time you look at it’s statistics, you always wish you’ve watched less YouTube or Netflix.

These are only the three extensions I am using currently, if this changes I’ll update the post in the future too.

Image courtesy of veo_

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