Foxconn audio driver Realtek AC97 problems [solved]

Recently I formatted a system. The system specifications where nice though it had a Foxconn motherboard. I don’t know if you are aware of that company but I wasn’t. So after installing Windows Xp with Service pack 3 integrated. After the installation, windows did not recognize the onboard audio device. The specific Foxconn motherboard uses a Realtek chip with AC97 high definition audio.

  • So I tried everything, re-install, format and install but that did not solve it.
  • I installed UAA windows drivers but neither that solve the problem.
  • The sound device was unknown and windows device manager showed it with questionmark.
  • I then tried again with something I read on a forum. I downloaded the Realtek AC97 drivers from the Realtek website.

Then installed them, rebooted and TADA!! there was sound!

Keep in mind that before that I downloaded the drivers that where on Foxconn’s website.

Conclusion: Don’t buy Foxconn motherboard :-)

Edit: I don’t think that all Foxconn motherboards are the same, in fact I now know that Foxconn produces motherboards for other companies like ASRock and others. But I have to say that Foxconn should take a little more care of their products too.

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