Hand out Fliers - Ways To Get Customers

Hand out Flyers – Ways To Get Customers

The second way to get customers according to the hundred dollar business blog is to Hand out flyers. This is really easy to accomplish.

The first thing that you have to do is to design a flyer that you will hand out. There are many ways to design it but I prefer my way. Because the flyer will represent you and your business and not someone’s other business.

To design it you don’t have to have a computer or designing skills. Of course if you possess this skills than you can design your flyer in a image processing software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator or even in a free software like Gimp.

But if you don’t have that skills than you can probably get some friend or relative to do that stuff with you instructions.

If you have not this option than you can just paint your flyer yourself. Take some crayons, some paint and your fantasy and design a flyer.

Then all you have to do is to go to your local copy shop and make some photo copies from the original flyer.

Now we have finished the productive part. We have to hand out that flyers.

You need to choose the best or a very good spot to hand out your flyers because you don’t want to return to your house with the hands and your bag full with flyers nor you want to give them to people that won’t be your prospect clients.

You have to choose a spot which is very popular for your targeting group. For example if you have a little bookstore with fantasy books than you will choose to hand out your flyers to places with card contests, or coffee shops with fantasy card games.

Talk to people who are some kind involved with your targeting group so you can choose the best place to hand out the flyers.

Find out what time and day more people will be there and go. There is also a possibility to talk to some of them and promote your business even more.

The next time I will write about the 4th way to get customers which is “Blog it (make sure to include a purchase here link, or your contact info with contact me to purchase)”

I am waiting your comments and ideas about that.

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