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How do I protect my credit/debit card from being stolen ?

How to protect your credit card Offline, in the real world

  1. Do not give your credit cart number to anyone. Pay only using an authorised electronic payment machine wich is linked with a bank.
  2. Do not have your credit card pin written somewhere like your purse or briefcase. Remember if someone withdraws money with your pin then you can’t do anything to get the money back.
  3. Change pin every 3 months. You can have 2 pins and every 3 months change it.
  4. Always check your receipts from the bank to see if something was purchased without your will.
  5. Have the credit card service number on you in case you realize you’ve lost the card, to call them and freeze the account.
  6. If you withdraw money from an ATM check if the slot where you put the credit card is looking normal. If you have any doubts then leave it and go to another ATM.
  7. Again if you withdraw money from an ATM type your pin with more than one fingers. The best solution is to type it with both hands. Many times card stealers put a magnet card reader and a tiny camera to reproduce your card and withdraw money. By using both hands when typing your pin you prevent the camera to record your pin.
  8. Check the receipt you receive from the ATM to see if your balance is ok.

How to protect your credit card Online, on the internet

If you are using your credit card for online transaction you should consider the below protection methods:

  1. Never give your credit card number by sending it via email. Banks never ask for your credit card number nor your pin. If you get an email which asks you to send him that information it’s spam or scam.
  2. When you pay online and you have to give your credit card number then check if it’s a secure transaction. This is easy to understand. Look down on your browser. If you see a lock or a key then you know that this a secure transaction with ssl encoding.
  3. But that was only the first step. The second is to see who signed this secure transaction. If you double click the key or lock then a window will inform you about the details of the transaction. There should mention that the website has been verified from verisign or thawte or other big companies with secure transaction services. If you have a question about a particular website you can ask me.
  4. Again avoid to give your credit card direct to an e-shop. It’s better to use a bank system for credit card payments. You will understand that if you will be redirected to a bank website to give your credit card information. If not sure send an email to that bank or ask me.
  5. The second solution is to pay with paypal. Paypal can manage your credit/debit cards. Paypal takes on all your transactions between you and the online shops. Paypal doen’t reveal your information only the necessary ones. You are safe and your cards too.

If you have questions too don’t  hesitate to ask me.

Image courtesy of The Consumerist

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