How I increased 1000% my traffic !

I have read many many articles around the web about blogging, blog
posting, how to get more visitors, how to monetize your blog, writing
stuff etc.

Even I’ve read all that articles my blog statistics are still at the
bottom with only one or two visitors per day. It is possible that this
one visitor could be me.

So after talking few days ago with a friend which has a blog too, I asked her why, but why have I only so few visits.

She advised me to make comments to other sites. At first I didn’t believe her but what had I to lose.

So for 3 days I don’t stop reading interesting posts and make interesting comments.

The result:  I increased 1000% my traffic in just 3 days !

See for yourself if you don’t believe. Of course before I had only 3 visitors that’s why the percentage is so high.

So I give you the advice, before strugling to write a very good
article please visit some blogs of your interests and write some
comments on them. I am sure that they will be rewarding.

To all the bloggers who visited my blog I want to thank you and
please leave a comment to visit your blog again and to write a comment

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