How to find time for writing and where to get it

Ok I apologize, I’ve not written since Friday. There
is always time for writing if you don’t wasting it by surfing on the
net. This is perhaps our worst enemy. We search and browse endless times
before our browser (hope it’s Firefox) without making any progress. Yes
perhaps you learn nice things but you never get your job done.

Internet is such a good and informative medium, but it can destroy you instead of improving you.  Internet is very good and very helpful if you want to find information. But if you don’t know what you searching for then you ‘ve got a big problem.

This is a lesson that I learned well in past years. I’ve been researching all the time without purpose and I was never satisfied.
I kept researching until a Sunday thought that it would be nice to
write something down in paper with my Parker fountain pen that I so much

I was wondering what to write and what would make a great article.

Well I found now what makes an article good. It makes your love for writing
and not the sources we find. I don’t know what to write every day, but I
know so much things that the time would not be enough to write them

Don’t you feel the same ?

Image courtesy of Bright Meadow

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