How to get the most out of your creativity

This post is about how you can get the most of your creativity and your creative mind

Beeing a fan of Apple’s Macintosh computers, I had a conversation with a very good friend. Why is a Mac better than a Pc in multimedia, video/audio proccessing, graphic design, 3D animations etc ?

My friend provided the answer.

“Pc’s and Mac’s are the same” he clamed.

“You can use photoshop here and photoshop there, there is no difference at all”

You are right I said, Photoshop is the same. But think also of the other capabilities and featurees a Mac has.

Without any thoughts my friend answered “Well on my pc I can get the best software for image, video, audio proccessing I need. Why should I buy a Mac?”

So without having any strong argument I answered him with an example.

I said to him: Think of two children, and to be more real, think of two identical twins. The twins are separated from each other from the very beginning. The one spends all the time with it’s parents which are high educated, and with artistic spirit. They tend to hear good music, paint, read and write.

The other kid lives alone with no parents, in an orphanage. It doesn’t have what it needs so it has to be working to get some things that it wants. There is no time for music, books and paintings.

So which one do you thing that will likely be more creative in it’s life.

It’s obvious that the first kid will be the one that will be more creative as the second.

So why am I writting this ? Because I need you to understand that the environment, which in our world is the operating system, can affect very much our creativity.

So why is a Mac the best tool for a Designer, Video editor, 3D animator ?

  • The environment is different, so your mind thinks different
  • There are many tools preinstalled, you don’t need to buy something.
  • The feature rich design makes it great for your complicated works.
  • Simplicity is key, you can see it from outside, and inside.
  • Outstanding performance, no crashes, no upgrades, no licence keys.
  • Be happy to work with. You never get bored to work with a Mac.

Though I am working on Linux (Ubuntu), I am looking forward to get a Mac and make all these exciting things I wish, like podcasts, screencasts, sharp graphics and more.

Get the most of your creativity with a Mac from amazon.

Image courtesy of Campin’ Guy

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