How to make a diy laptop sleeve

The reason that I wanted to make my own laptop sleeve is that the existing laptop sleeves sold in the market are either too expensive or have little protection, especially in the corners.

Although I have a CaseLogic laptop backpack, the protection it provides is minimal. I learned it the hard way when I dropped my bag accidentally and my laptop’s corner was bent.

Also I noticed that my Lenovo G50-80 has a very little screen protection on the back side, and different white spots appeared, apparently transporting it in by backpack did take pressure in various spots.

To solve these problems I decided to create my own laptop sleeve which works complimentary to my backpack.

Tools and Hardware

I didn’t need much to make the sleeve. From a local hardware/tools store I bought foam (about 1cm thickness) and adhesive. The size of the foam depends on the laptop you have.

So please measure your laptop’s size (it’s thickness also) and double it, because you need foam for both sides.

I bought triple the size because I wanted to provide extra protection on the side of the screen.

You also will need some scissors and clamps.

Duct Tape (optional)


First lay your laptop on the foam and surround it by it to get an idea where and how to cut and glue the foam.

Next remove your laptop and after cutting your foam glue it using the adhesive. You will need to make two joins. One at the bottom and one the the side of your sleeve.

Leave it cure as the instructions of your adhesive say.

For extra strength and durability I added duct tape where the joins are, so it will never gets detached.

Leave it again for an extra 24 hours (according to your adhesives instructions), and you’re done.


  1. After testing your sleeve, before gluing it together please check if it fits your backpack with the laptop inside of course. If it doesn’t you should buy a thinner foam.
  2. Test the glue in a small spot of your foam, if it doesn’t erodes it then you’re good to go.

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