How to make your car to a mobile office (banner)

How to make your car to a mobile office

I need to travel with my car in many places and I need to have my emails, contacts and presentations with me I thought that it could be very good to apply to my car various projects that I found around the net that will help me to advance my work and my driving experience.

1. Portable Computer

First of all we need a netbook, you know the smaller versions of notebooks. At Amazon you can find many kinds of them.

Netbooks are cheap and can do the most of your office work, play podcasts, run thunderbird and sunbird, firefox and all the other tools you need to have with you when you going to a trip.

I suggest to buy one with at least 80gb of Hard drive, 1024 or 1G Ram, and 10 inch screen because the smaller ones are not so usable (I seem to have large fingers :)

So you have your netbook huh ?

Now prepare it for your car. Buy a car charger for your netbook, to charge it while on your trip.

2. GPS Navigation System

Now what I found a good idea is why not use your netbook as gps (global pointing system) map and guide yourself.

To enable gps function in your netbook you ‘ll need:

  • GPS USB receiver, the cost is between $10 to $80
  • GPS Navigation Software like Microsoft Autoroute or Garmin City Navigator. These two are commercial but there are also some free ones.

Now you have all stuff.

3. Setting Up

How the hell do you put them in your car ?

There is a solution.

You can build a Laptop desk for your car.

Merle Braley build a nice laptop desk with few and cheap materials, you can build one for yourself.

Take a look

It’s wonderful. With this project you can take a look at your netbook every time (don’t do it while driving), catch you emails or play your favorite mp3 or podcasts.

Ok you ‘ve got set your netbook in your car what else can you do ?

4. Multimedia Car

I thought that it would be lot better if you could play to your car stereo the music or your podcasts.

So I’ve searched again and I found a very nice idea to make an input plug in your Car CD player. This can be done when your CD player has no AUX input behind it.

Donn explains how to hack your Car CD player and make an input jack for your mp3 player. If you can put your mp3 player then why not the whole netbook.

Take a look at Donns’ project

With this hack you can listen from your car stereo, mp3, podcasts, watch movies, make skype or other voip calls and listen to your navigator directions.


You can transform your car into a mobile office very easily with cheap parts and diy projects. The whole cost may be under $500 and it pays out very quickly.

Didn’t mention that you can tweet while you are in the road ? Yes you can do that too !

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