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Mario asked if I could show him an example of a product popup box that he could implement on his site. One realy nice popup box you can use to show a more detailed photo of a product is Thickbox. Thickbox is a jQuery plugin with lots of features. It can show a photo, videos, and other content.

Mario’s question:

Submitted by Mario (not verified) on 16 June, 2009.


I have a need that perhaps you can point me in the right direction with… I would like to implement something very similar to what’s out on or When you click a button (quick view, quick info, etc..) you get a new window with product pics and info. Here’s the link:… (and click on “Quick Info” under any image)

Perhaps I can do this with a widget or something else but I’m not sure what kind of widget it would be. If you could provide “ANY” useful information, it would be “GREATLY” appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Mario, thanx for your question.

For a popup like this you don’t need ajax. As I saw on when you click on “Quick info” then a popup box appears and loads inside an iframe.

Here is what you need to do:

Download and install on your Website Thickbox. It’s a jQuery plugin that you place on your website.

You can find instructions here

You for example want more information about a product or item, then you make an html, php or whatever file you use with the details or some more information about this item and then you place this inside Thickbox.

On the Thickbox plugin page are detailed information about “iFramed Content”.

Hope it helped ! See ya :)

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