Is Entrecard a good way to increase my traffic ?

Update (27 June 2016): Entrecard shut down at around 2012. After a long time blogging and using these blogging networks, I found out that they simply don’t work.
Probably now there are other perhaps more sophisticated blogging networks or widgets but I think that they will work the same, people click your link just to get points and the leave immediately, even before the site loads completely
I don’t recommend this kind of traffic, but I would like to hear from you if you use such networks and if they work for you.

In this post I’ll try to answer to that question because there is a lot of buzz around Entrecard and I don’t know if it’s worth the time. I explain how the hole system works, and how you can use it to drive traffic to your site or blog.

What is Entrecard?

Simply put, Entrecard is a system where you place a widget (a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page) on your website and others can drop your card in it.

What is a card?

The card is a significance. Dropping the card it is as if you leave in your stain. In each cast you you take ec (entrecard credit) and another the user in which you drop it. With ec you can buy advertisements. The cost of ec of each website advertisement depends on how much advertisements has this user-website in it’s cue. A large cue means high cost, which means large popularity.

How can I make lot of ec?

Well this depends on two main things. First it depends on how much you are dropping your card to other sites and blogs. And second it depends on how much other entrecard users are dropping their card to your site or blog.

How to spend my ec?

Perhaps you made a lot of ec. Now you have to spend it by advertising your site or blog. Of course you can sell them on ebay or at the Entrecard marketplace but this means that you have more than 1000 ec. Note that 1000 ec costs around $7 so it’s not big deal.

So you have some ec. Now you need to find out some blogs or sites which have low cost but are popular enough.

My advise for this is to search in similar niches and order the results by cheapest. To search click on the campaign tab.

Next you have to visit some that you like. Don’t get distracted by nice advertisements. There are very good sites and blogs that haven’t good looking images. I suggest to visit them to see what I mean.

By visiting the sites you want you achieve two things. First you see what kind of site it is. Is it good. Does it have lot of advertisement. Make your research. And second you can drop your card and so take an ec too.

The advertisement will appear to their widget the next day for one day. So if you are lucky the site should make you some clicks.

Tip: Advertise your site or blog in quality sites with genuine content, not lot of advertisements, good position of the entrecard widget.

Will all that stuff make me some traffic?

Through my research and advertisements the answer is yes and no.

It’s YES if you:

  • Drop your card everyday at least 10 sites or blogs.
  • Peak good sites or blogs to advertise on.
  • Check your stats to see what is working or not.
  • Drop your card on sites which dropped on you.

Extra question: Will that traffic be targeted?

Again this depends on your campaign choices.

If you decide to advertise on similar niches the yes the traffic will be high targeted. Or if you decide to advertise on as many as possible cheap sites, then the traffic will be random, cheap and without any purpose.

It’ your choice ;)

That’s all folks. Hope it helped. Post a comment and I Follow.

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