Live good with a healthy heart

Hello there, today I gonna write about a topic that is not very familiar with this blog, but it’s very familiar with you and me.

You probably are a geek or nerd like me, sit like me many hours before a screen and don’t move a lot. Also you probably eat fast food, as me, and no fruits or vegetables.

These are the symptoms of the new age and we have to deal with them. The first thing that you should worry about is the Bad Cholesterol
(LDL) which circulates with the blood. Well bad food and no exercise
can cause the increase of this Bad Cholesterol. Too much of this stuff
can cause our hart to stop causing a heart attack.

Also we suffer from high blood pressure which can also cause many problems, like brain damage.

The things are not so bad, cause you can avoid all that bad stuff.
Just eat some fruits everyday and do some excercise. If you are
overweight as me some walking everyday will get your hart pumping and
put it again in shape.

You don’t have to run for miles, neither to make a difficult diet. Just walk or jog a bit and eat a bit less everyday.

You will see that after some months you will be better, you will walk easily, you will eat right, and the most important your heart will be healthy.

I have also some more tips found for you. You can visit I love my heart where Bijoy Johnson writes some useful tips about how you can maintain your heart in good shape.

Also you can have fun with jogging or walking by listening to your favourite music or to podcasts
about health and fitness. For example I found a very good podcast I
hear every time I go for a walk or for jogging, it’s called Motivation to Move where Scott Smith makes really motivational podcasts that will make you stand up and start walking. He’s motto is “Stand Up, Take a Step, and Repeat“.

A great mp3 player where you can listen your music or your podcasts is iPod of course. I recommend iPod nano because it’s very light and you can take it with you every time.

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