Make Money Online Ebooks … NOT!

Do you know that the most blogs out in the blogosphere are advertising books about how to make money online ? So do you think really that you going to make money by selling ebooks about making money. I mean we have to be in sort of idiots to believe that.

Although I haven’t bought anything yet, I have downloaded many “free” reports as they call them about making money online etc etc… The free reports are full of ads, affiliate links and no valuable information.

Ok we forget that.

Now lets go to the real ebooks. What do you think they sell? Secrets … perhaps, Ideas … maybe, Tutorials … could be, the same information you can find through little research … Yes! how did you find it?? The real story is that when you buy an ebook about making money online you will find exactly the same information in articles, blog posts and newsletters, with a little research.

So you don’t pay for valuable information or anything like this, you buy the time that the copywriter spent to compile all that research into one ebook. Now you either buy such a book because you don’t want to research, or you make your research you find what you want and through logic thinking you make your own “ebook” with the articles you want.

Perhaps then you can sell it too ! You spent time too :P ! For perhaps only $29 plus 99 free reports you got from other writers or created yourself.

That was a little criticism about money making books. To be objective I think that some ebooks have great value, but you cannot see the value until purchase.

So here is my advice to you in simple steps:

  • Make your research first. Search in digg. If an article has many diggs it has good information.
  • Then search for money making ebooks, if you need one of course.
  • Buy the one that makes “click” to you because that one is probably that fits you at best.
  • After buying it scan through the pages.
  • If you see any similarities with the research you ‘ve done by yourself be aware.
  • Read the book.
  • If you didn’t get any information or knowledge request a refund.
  • If the writer or publisher asks why or declines, tell him/her that the book is old and you can find that information for free.
  • Show your links and I think that you will get your money back.
  • Do not buy useless ebooks unless you realy don’t have the time to research.
  • The only ebooks you can trust are ebooks from writers who have really succeeded and who are known from many people. They build their image for years before they publish a book.
  • How should you know if John Vein or David Potato (names are hypothetical) are real or have a successful online business, perhaps they only collect free information from articles and make an ebook and hope that it will sell. Nothing more.

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