Me as a Salesman

Today it was an exciting day. I ‘ll explain you why. Yesterday I met with the headmaster of a magazine which is distributed via a cd rom. Yes it’s not printed on paper. He suggested me to be “salesman” for the marketing department of the magazine. Keep in mind that it’s not a huge magazine but it covers almost all Greece.

My job is to find sponsors for this cd rom. I have to go from one business to another to collect sponsorships.

Today it was my first day, and I write in the past cause this day is gone for me.

I came face to face with my greatest fears, to go to talk to people and not only that but to want to sell them the advertisement. Of course I was too weak and my self-esteem cracked. I couldn’t move. I was sitting on my chair thinking or not to go.

Clothing is very important for salesmen they say. I don’t agree. Personally I HATE classic salesmen. I hate the way they act, the way they talk, the way they dress.

I want not to be a SALESMAN. I want to be an informer guy who wants to tell the business owners how they can promote their own business.

I am very embarassed, I know have to apologize in my boss :( but tomorrow it will be a great day. I will learn from the today’s experience and use that lesson for my advance.

I will tell you tomorrow if I will beat my greatest fear.

If you have such a story too I would be glad to hear it.

Image courtesy of Jes

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