Mr. Spic’s great adventure

Hi everybody I told you that I am going to tell you about the little, very little seed Mr. Spic. Mr. Spic is a very proud and selfish seed, but with a little love It can you show it’s respect. The story began before one year. About May I went to a garden store to buy some seeds.

Yes I wanted seeds. But I wanted not any kind of seeds. I wanted spearmint seeds. So why spearmint ? Cause spearmint can be a very good friend.

  • Spearmint refreshes your mouth in dry days.
  • Spearmint can follow some nice meals like pasta.
  • Spearmint can make your ice tea even more icy.
  • And of course you can make mojito :-)

Enough with the theory. Let’s go buy some Mentha spicata I said to myself. I was very happy that I bought a large envelope with hundred of seeds. Now walking to my home I thought all the happy moments I would have with my spearmint garden.

If you have any other ideas about spearmint, I would be happy to hear/read from you. If you like my story and want to continue it or have any comments I love to read them too :-)

Image courtesy of Carlos Lopez

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