My blogging Timeline from 2007

I had many blogs though the past years here is my timeline of blogging.


Started with and

I can say that the posts where more than enough, I don’t know why I dropped them.

I perhaps realized that the domain name weren’t SEOptimized and the .info domains aren’t good.


I merged then these blogs into one and migrated to drupal.

Also I left these two domains and I hosted this blog in a subdomain.


I started a new blog in blogger while having the drupal blog abandoned.


I again started a new wordpress blog on in which I wrote very little mainly about my garden.


Finally I decided to merge all these blogs into one. You can see now all my blogging history from 2007 until today.

I don’t think that I’m going to make any further changes, perhaps I ‘ll play with tumblr a little bit but that’s all.

A big thanks to all the people who supported me all these years.

P.S. All the comments didn’t migrate, so I lost em all. Which is Sad.

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