My first success as an Informer

I did it ! At Friday I accomplished what I couldn’t do at Thursday. Remember my post “Me as a Salesman” where I was yelling the salesmen, well yes I don’t change my thoughts but I choose not to be a salesman I choose to be an Informer (if I am saying this right).

So what is the difference between me and a classic salesman. The classic salesman pushes more and more to make the sale, because he/she interests only for the money.

Me from the other side, I am an Informer. I inform the business owners about a new service. I don’t push things, I think that if is going something to happen It will happen. So I don’t push things.

Second, salesmen dress with business suit with tie, good looking shoes etc.

Me from the other side, dress casually. You thing that I won’t have success ? Yes I wouldn’t if my target area where about 50 years old. But my cooperators (I don’t like the word clients) are below 40 years old. So I choose more casual clothes that fit me.

Third. The BAG ! Do you know that black leather or leatherlike edgy bags that show you who’s the boss ?

Well I dislike them too ! I choose a bag which I had when I was in college. It simply fits to me ! With a yellow smiley badge on it, I think is the best choice to convince someone to be a sponsor to a young magazine.

Back to Friday. I was a little anxious at first but I got over it. Now I realize how simple and easy it is to talk to strangers.

Many have rejected me but I kept my smile I was very happy that made that first step. Now I will go out Monday to search for sponsors.

I will tell you my story and my success or failure as a salesman emmm no as an Informer.

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