My Printable CEO Journal

I was so thrilled by David‘s printable CEO series that I wanted to use it’s sheets everyday. So I decided not to buy this year any journal from a bookstore, but to make one myself. By searching diy projects and ideas I had the inspiration to make one custom journal myself by using David’s printable CEO series sheets.

So I printed out Din A4 with two sheets of each.

I printed the “Concrete Goals Tracker” for every week and the “Emergent Task Planner” for every day of the year.
I also printed in one Din A4 sheet the “compact calendar” to have with one look everything under control. So like you see in the photos I cut the Din A4 sheets into half so this became a good fat journal.

I want to thank David for these projects and to tell him to continue these projects. Have an organized day :)

Now I can track everything I want and need.

Of course you can decorate your journal with stickers, paintings, photos etc.

Tell me about your ideas, or how you would form a journal like that.

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