My Thoughts about Technology

I like many things in this world.  The thing I like the most is technology and the progress we made by the years.
I know that technology is a part of science and without it there wouldn’t exist any technology nor progress.
The most amazing thing about technology is that I can dream about the future, about the life and the new ways of doing things.

Somebody could argue that the same thing is with art. Art gives you the opportunity to imagine to dream and to loose yourself in weird thoughts. My answer is that technology is art.

I think that without technology we wouldn’t have the same. We would live perhaps more simple lifes,  not so connected. You might think that I am a person that is all the time online on social networks, but I can surely tell you that I am not. I love nature and I am trying to combine these two worlds.
You can’t forget about nature because you are from nature. Well until we become cyborg, or we upload our brains in the Cloud. 

The idea and debate of uploading our brains in a computer is being discussed many years. You can see more of this idea in the movie Transcendence

Finding ways to increase the experience of your natural life with technology you can go to a whole new level.
For example you could live substantially without sacrificing any of the good things of our todays live by using technology.
I’ll write more in the future about my ideas on living substantially with the help of technology.

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