Informing does well

Well as I said in a previous post I started walking from business to business. Now the only that matters is to find some decent sponsors for our magazine.

Every day was an exciting day. Why ? Because everyday you learn new people/businessmen or employees. You learn how they act. For example here is some statistical data. Continue reading Informing does well

Tell your family & friends about your product – Ways To Get Customers

The second way to get customers according to the hundred dollar business blog is to “Tell your family & friends about your product”. Now that is an easy one, unless your family don’t support you.

You might think that the first think you can do to promote your business is to talk to friends and relatives. Well friends yeah, because they will be at the same age as you and they will be happy to help you with your new business. Continue reading Tell your family & friends about your product – Ways To Get Customers

Tell people about it (your business) anywhere you see them – Ways To Get Customers

The hundred dollar business blog has a very good post about ways to get more customers. I have an idea, to analyze every single way so it’s more accessible and more friendly to you, to apply to your business or job.

Today I will analyze the following way to get customers: “Tell people about it anywhere you see them bus, plane, grocery store, etc.” Continue reading Tell people about it (your business) anywhere you see them – Ways To Get Customers

My first success as an Informer

I did it ! At Friday I accomplished what I couldn’t do at Thursday. Remember my post “Me as a Salesman” where I was yelling the salesmen, well yes I don’t change my thoughts but I choose not to be a salesman I choose to be an Informer (if I am saying this right).

So what is the difference between me and a classic salesman. The classic salesman pushes more and more to make the sale, because he/she interests only for the money. Continue reading My first success as an Informer

Me as a Salesman

Today it was an exciting day. I ‘ll explain you why. Yesterday I met with the headmaster of a magazine which is distributed via a cd rom. Yes it’s not printed on paper. He suggested me to be “salesman” for the marketing department of the magazine. Keep in mind that it’s not a huge magazine but it covers almost all Greece. Continue reading Me as a Salesman

I Got Answers is changing route

Hello again. Now there is no question to answer but I have something more exciting to tell you.

This blog is changing its route. I created another blog (nik is my name) in which I will publish your questions. will be complete ad free and real simple for your convenience.

On this blog however I might add some advertisement in the future.

But I didn’t tell yet what this blog is now about. Well this blog will not depend only on your questions but I will publish my personal interests and hobies.

I will still answer questions, the only difference is that I will publish them in so the Q&A will be separated and more easy to find.

How do I protect my credit/debit card from being stolen ?

How to protect your credit card Offline, in the real world

  1. Do not give your credit cart number to anyone. Pay only using an authorised electronic payment machine wich is linked with a bank.
  2. Do not have your credit card pin written somewhere like your purse or briefcase. Remember if someone withdraws money with your pin then you can’t do anything to get the money back.
  3. Change pin every 3 months. You can have 2 pins and every 3 months change it.
  4. Always check your receipts from the bank to see if something was purchased without your will.
  5. Have the credit card service number on you in case you realize you’ve lost the card, to call them and freeze the account.
  6. If you withdraw money from an ATM check if the slot where you put the credit card is looking normal. If you have any doubts then leave it and go to another ATM.
  7. Again if you withdraw money from an ATM type your pin with more than one fingers. The best solution is to type it with both hands. Many times card stealers put a magnet card reader and a tiny camera to reproduce your card and withdraw money. By using both hands when typing your pin you prevent the camera to record your pin.
  8. Check the receipt you receive from the ATM to see if your balance is ok.

Continue reading How do I protect my credit/debit card from being stolen ?