Chlorophytum Comosum Spider Plants

See how easily you can clean the air of your room or office

The air in our homes and offices becomes more and more polluted. If
the rooms are not aired enough, after a period of time the CO2 levels
are very high. Also there are more factors that poison our environment.
Smoke from cigarettes, dust from computers, radiation, etc are making
our working environment more as a gas oven.

To be more specific there is benzene
which exists in plastics, nylons and other chemicals. It is
carcinogenic. Think that we are surrounded by plastics, even the
keyboards are made of plastic. There is formaldehyde
which is produced from smoke and gases and can be very poisonous and in
high concentrations it may cause headaches, a burning sensation in the
throat, and difficulty breathing, as well as triggering or aggravating
asthma symptoms. In such closed rooms there is found trichloroethylene too which can cause headaches, dizziness, and confusion and progressing with increasing exposure to unconsciousness.

So we face the present days the problem of the polluted air not
outside our house or office but inside it. But like to other problems
the nature has for another time the solution. And the solution are
specific plants that have been proved that absorb these poisonous

In a research of N.A.S.A they found out which plants are those who can protect us from the above poisons.

These are:

So with some plants of these around the house or your office you can
avoid easily headaches and breath problems. Some times we don’t know all
those problems where they come from so there are some alternative and
more natural ways to fight them as taking pills.

Also plants can make our day nicer and can add a different view in
our everyday routine.

Image courtesy of Max Wei

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