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Self-Repair Manifesto – Claim your device back

iFixit has made a manifesto of Self-Repair. This manifesto demands that the Self-repair should be doable from every man and woman in the world with all the resources we need to fix the broken device. We have the right to fix our devices which the companies do whatever they can to prevent that. The companies don’t give you any charts, any spare parts or pieces, or at least a debugging manual. Nothing. They say “If it’s broken, throw it away”. But we say “If it’s broken, we can fix it”. Join the repair Revolution!

Repair is better than recycling

Join the cause for a better world. If everything we owe from a little mobile phone to a car can be fixed by us then imagine the consequences. The companies would produce less because we would need less. This means less production less pollution and less resource mining.

Repair saves the planet

As we spend less oil and resources to produce new devices we save the earth’s resources, because they are not endless. Also the rain forests are also decreasing over time which means that also the fresh air also decreases.

Repair saves you money

Who couldn’t agree with that. Instead of throwing the device in the trash Fix IT! It saves you money because a repair doesn’t cost you so much as replacing and if you repair the device yourself it cost you nothing.

Repair teaches engineering

Of course! We have a lot of devices around us and we don’t know how they work inside. How they “think” and make things. Do you know how a remote control works, how a blender truncates the food, how a radio changes stations ? NO! Well when you learn about how the devices work then you will find how you can repair them and not only that, you will find ways to improve them too!

If you can’t fix it, you don’t own it

Yes I know it’s a bit harsh this one but think about it. If you repair a device then you connect with it, you love it, you know that this little repair or improvement is made by you and not by some guy in China. You show and tell your achievement to the others and you are proud of that. Your friends might tell you back what they fixed and so you can share both knowledge and experience.

We have the right

  • o open and repair our things—without voiding the warranty
  • To devices that can be opened To error codes and wiring diagrams
  • To troubleshooting instructions and flowcharts
  • To repair documentation for everything To choose our own repair technician
  • To remove ‘do not remove’ stickers To repair things in the privacy of our own homes
  • To replace any and all consumables ourselves
  • o hardware that doesn’t require proprietary tools to repair
  • o available, reasonably priced service parts

iFixit has made this manifesto and asks for you to deploy, post, stick it wherever you can. In your workspace, garage, your neighborhood. Then you can make a photo of your posting and upload it to the Flickr pool they made here.

They ‘ve done a great job. They uploaded the manifesto in various formats so you can download it and print it. Also they are building a free repair manual for almost everything, driven by a large community of self-repairers. The manifesto has been already translated in the most languages and now it’ only needs to be ported to the inDesign file which they provide too.

Last but not least they can send you for free (you pay only the shipping costs) the Self-Repair manifesto. All this can you find at the iFixit manifesto website.

I am really excited about this one, because I also have the same mind about not throwing away but self-repairing everything I can. I am waiting your opinions about that. The revolution has begun!

Image courtesy of iFixit

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