Selling on Ebay – Tips for bloodless auctions

We are all hearing from Ebay and it’s power on selling stuff. Making money etc etc. Well I must say that I couldn’t withstand the temptation to try it myself.

So I give you some tips so you can learn from my mistakes:

Rule #1: Never start an action before knowing what to pay for !

Learn exactly what your shipment costs, your packaging costs, your money transfer costs are.

Rule #2: Never start an action before knowing what you will be paid for !

I mean that you have first to research the market so that you know what your products are about to be paid for.

Rule #3: Never start with actions with products which you have to sell !

Because at first Ebay doesn’t give you many options like “Buy Now” or
Minimum Price so you cannot expect the actions to gain high price. So
setup actions with products of low cost or low value for you, like
antiques or items you don’t need any more.

So you will gain more points and Ebay will unlock more options for you.

Image courtesy of Ryan Fanshaw

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