Set up and host an event & spotlight your product to get customers

Continuing my series of “42 ways to get customers” by Hundred Dollar Business blog today I will write about how to get customers through events and by spotlighting your product.

This is actually a very good way to promote your business, your products and services. Although an event can be very expensive you can make an event with little cost too.

In an event you have the opportunity to meet new people and make new public relations. Think that you might call some friends and perhaps they bring their friends of friends too. So if you have 5 friends and each one brings 5 friends too then you have got already 25 people starring at you, your business, your products or services.

Make a nice entrance with a good speech. Talk a little about yourself so that the guests feel more comfortable with you. Say them that you want to have a good time and you are happy that they came.

Don’t forget to mention some stuff about your products or services. If you think that your products aren’t for that target audience and the guests have nothing to do with them, it’s ok. You can talk more general like your businesses success or growth. But be sure that you call business associates too, like older customers and suppliers. You want your event to be more successful.

Call some newspapers too to take some shots and some videos or interviews on the event. This means a lot of publicity and that’s good.

You can make a small event in your business place or office. Call some very close partners and good customers. Inform them about the new products or services. With a pc and a music player you can have nice music on, and you can hire a bartender or a catering service to serve the drinks. This will take you the pain of paying a lot for organising a big event. Though a bigger event would be a bigger success, it’s better to do events even small as none.

Take a lot of pictures. Take shots of your partners, associates, friends, small happenings etc. Post them to your business blog or site. You can post them to your social network profile too. If you can’t take them yourself then get a relevant to do this for you.

Close the event with a big thank you and say to your guests that you were happy to spend this time together. Remind them again about your products or services.

Don’t forget that to every guest you talk that you take the business card if he or she is a business owner and give yours. This means that you at the end of the event you will have a lot of cards to organise. Call them back the following day and tell them howwonderful time you had yesterday. Then talk about business :)

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