Sharpen your mind and your eyes with mazes (puzzle games)

Actually that’s not a new post but it’s an old one and in reality it’s from back 18 Sep. of 2007. But I decided to update this post because the old link with mazes didn’t work and also I wanted to add some more links about mazes.
Old post:

Hello there. It’s me again, … yeah who else.

Now here’s one for you.

What do you need to have some fun and at the same time sharpen your mind ?

…. well if you don’t know yet, here’s the answer. Mazes !

Yes mazes. When I was a child I never got tired to solve them even if they where hard. Now you can search by your own to find online mazes but you don’t need to. I found a very good, but a little outdated, blog with lot of mazes big and small, to download or print.

Here is the link

Don’t you love mazes ?

According to research, puzzle games improve your brain activity. Your brain is being teased and stimulated and so it generates more synapses (connections between brain cells). The more synapses you have the more you can think have ideas, and be “brain active”.

So teasing a the brain a little bit once in a while does very good for your health. Then when it comes to mazes I love to solve them. So you can have fun and improve your skills too.

Here are the new links about mazes you can view, download and print or play online.

Image courtesy of Howard Gees

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