My Thoughts about Technology

I like many things in this world.  The thing I like the most is technology and the progress we made by the years.
I know that technology is a part of science and without it there wouldn’t exist any technology nor progress.
The most amazing thing about technology is that I can dream about the future, about the life and the new ways of doing things. Continue reading My Thoughts about Technology

Testing SwiftKey

Now testing SwiftKey keyboard and trying to type really fast.
It is really good, but and the auto correction works fine.
I can really type very fast and error free.
I am probably going through the buy SwiftKey for my Samsung Galaxy S 2.
Writing now can be real fun. :-)
Let’s see how it is to type in horizontal.
Mmm… The keyboard expands and I can see only a bit of my text.
I wish I could make the keyboard smaller on horizontal mode.

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Καταστρέψτε Όλα τα Ανεπιθύμητα Διαφημιστικά Email Φιλτράροντας τη Λέξη “Unsubscribe”

Ο χρήστης enthros στο Reddit ανακάλυψε μία πολύ αποτελεσματική και απλή μέθοδο για να καταστρέφετε τις ανεπιθύμητες διαφημίσεις στα εισερχόμενά σας, φιλτράροντας τη λέξη “unsubscribe”.

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Support for Removing Labels at Gmail Filter

I’d like to mention that there is a feature at Gmail that is missing and I’d like to see it in the future.

There is the command “Add Label” to a filter, but there isn’t a command “Remove previous labels” or “Remove this label”.

That would be helpful, to retain a good email structure.