I Got Answers is changing route

Hello again. Now there is no question to answer but I have something more exciting to tell you.

This blog is changing its route. I created another blog www.ask-nik.info (nik is my name) in which I will publish your questions. Ask-Nik.info will be complete ad free and real simple for your convenience.

On this blog however I might add some advertisement in the future.

But I didn’t tell yet what this blog is now about. Well this blog will not depend only on your questions but I will publish my personal interests and hobies.

I will still answer questions, the only difference is that I will publish them in Ask-Nik.info so the Q&A will be separated and more easy to find.

How do I protect my credit/debit card from being stolen ?

How to protect your credit card Offline, in the real world

  1. Do not give your credit cart number to anyone. Pay only using an authorised electronic payment machine wich is linked with a bank.
  2. Do not have your credit card pin written somewhere like your purse or briefcase. Remember if someone withdraws money with your pin then you can’t do anything to get the money back.
  3. Change pin every 3 months. You can have 2 pins and every 3 months change it.
  4. Always check your receipts from the bank to see if something was purchased without your will.
  5. Have the credit card service number on you in case you realize you’ve lost the card, to call them and freeze the account.
  6. If you withdraw money from an ATM check if the slot where you put the credit card is looking normal. If you have any doubts then leave it and go to another ATM.
  7. Again if you withdraw money from an ATM type your pin with more than one fingers. The best solution is to type it with both hands. Many times card stealers put a magnet card reader and a tiny camera to reproduce your card and withdraw money. By using both hands when typing your pin you prevent the camera to record your pin.
  8. Check the receipt you receive from the ATM to see if your balance is ok.

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Is it possible to display other blog posts as my posts ?

This question is answered for my friend who needs a way to fill his blog with posts. Well this is not the best thing to do with your blog, but it’s allowed and many popular blogs do it.

There are plugins which take posts from rss feeds and aggregate them to your posts. Some of these are the following:

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Ubuntu – An Easy linux distribution

Update (27 June 2016): The Free CD ordering is no longer working, but you still can download Ubuntu and make your own bootable DVD/USB drive.

A friend of my friend asked if there was a linux distribution (distro) that is easy to use, to learn without any complicated installations and configurations.

My friend you are very lucky. Yes there is ! Try Ubuntu Linux. There isn’t more simple installation (as far as I know) as Ubuntu’s. It’s free, easy to use and if you have an adsl line you can download more software. But there is more !

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How can I set up the wordpress show a page instead the news?

Well this question is useful because many use WordPress but want instead the classic blog a standard welcome or description page. This is a static front page or a splash page. There is a very good tutorial in the WordPress site. See it from here.

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How do I burn my mp3’s in a cd ?

Mmm good question. A friend of mine asked this and here I am to answer it.

Well when you burn a cd with a utility like Nero then you have to select if it is a Data or an Audio cd. If you select data cd then your mp3 will be burned as is in the cd.

But then the problem is that if you want to play this on a regular cd player you simply can’t. Your cd player cannot read mp’s but only audio cd’s.

So select Audio Cd and when inserting mp3’s in your compilation Nero or whatever utility you use will convert them automatically to cda format (the format which is recognized by the cd players).

Now your regular cd player can play the and you can enjoy the music almost everywhere. If you have questions too don’t hesitate to ask me.

photo credit: jcolman

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