Installing Thickbox Directions

Mario asked if I could show him an example of a product popup box that he could implement on his site. One realy nice popup box you can use to show a more detailed photo of a product is Thickbox. Thickbox is a jQuery plugin with lots of features. It can show a photo, videos, and other content.

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Where can I buy Sony Rolly ?

Question: Do you know where I can buy Sony Rolly? For some reason Google gave this link????


Rolly is an egg-shaped digital robotic music player made by Sony, combining music functions with robotic dancing. It has several motors that allow it to rotate and spin, as well as two bands of LED lights running around its edge and cup-like “wings” (or “arms” according to the Sony sonystyle USA website) which can open and close on either end, all of which can be synchronized to the music being played. You can buy Sony Rolly from the official Sony site:…

Information from Wikipedia.

[youtube ]

Site Update from Drupal 5.x to 6.x

IGotAnswers was heavily updated yesterday from Drupal version 5.x to Drupal version 6.x

After long updating times and lot of sweat I manage to update this site to the newer version of Drupal.

The most useful information was a file called upgrade.txt inside of each module archive. Following their instructions I updated most of my old version 5 modules to version 6.

Before starting your updating your own site please read carefully the following guide

Now I have to embellish my theme a little because now it looks pretty simple and clean.

How to make your car to a mobile office

I need to travel with my car in many places and I need to have my emails, contacts and presentations with me I thought that it could be very good to apply to my car various projects that I found around the net that will help me to advance my work and my driving experience.

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Foxconn audio driver Realtek AC97 problems [solved]

Recently I formatted a system. The system specifications where nice though it had a Foxconn motherboard. I don’t know if you are aware of that company but I wasn’t. So after installing Windows Xp with Service pack 3 integrated. After the installation, windows did not recognize the onboard audio device. The specific Foxconn motherboard uses a Realtek chip with AC97 high definition audio.

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WAG200G Remote Management Problems [Solved]

To manage remotely your Linksys WAG200G adsl modem and router then you have to notice the following things:

  • Enable remote management from the administration of your linksys router (it’s located by default at and username and password is admin)
  • Check if your ISP (internet service provider) is blocking any ports.
  • Go to and see if port 8080 is open. (Change the port for more security)

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Make Money Online Ebooks … NOT!

Do you know that the most blogs out in the blogosphere are advertising books about how to make money online ? So do you think really that you going to make money by selling ebooks about making money. I mean we have to be in sort of idiots to believe that.

Although I haven’t bought anything yet, I have downloaded many “free” reports as they call them about making money online etc etc… The free reports are full of ads, affiliate links and no valuable information. Continue reading Make Money Online Ebooks … NOT!

Ubuntu Proftpd very slow: how to speed up

I have installed proftpd in my Ubuntu. When I was downloading it was slow enough to make me searching for some answers… Well I found some. Here they are:

#UseReverseDNS — Toggle rDNS lookups UseReverseDNS off
#IdentLookups — Toggle ident lookups IdentLookups off

Placing these lines at your /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf you will get more speed at your file transfers.

My Printable CEO Journal

I was so thrilled by David‘s printable CEO series that I wanted to use it’s sheets everyday. So I decided not to buy this year any journal from a bookstore, but to make one myself. By searching diy projects and ideas I had the inspiration to make one custom journal myself by using David’s printable CEO series sheets.

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