Informing does well

Well as I said in a previous post I started walking from business to business. Now the only that matters is to find some decent sponsors for our magazine.

Every day was an exciting day. Why ? Because everyday you learn new people/businessmen or employees. You learn how they act. For example here is some statistical data. Continue reading Informing does well

My first success as an Informer

I did it ! At Friday I accomplished what I couldn’t do at Thursday. Remember my post “Me as a Salesman” where I was yelling the salesmen, well yes I don’t change my thoughts but I choose not to be a salesman I choose to be an Informer (if I am saying this right).

So what is the difference between me and a classic salesman. The classic salesman pushes more and more to make the sale, because he/she interests only for the money. Continue reading My first success as an Informer

Me as a Salesman

Today it was an exciting day. I ‘ll explain you why. Yesterday I met with the headmaster of a magazine which is distributed via a cd rom. Yes it’s not printed on paper. He suggested me to be “salesman” for the marketing department of the magazine. Keep in mind that it’s not a huge magazine but it covers almost all Greece. Continue reading Me as a Salesman