Talk to a buyer at a large company or store to get customers

When being in a large store such as Wallmart or a shopping precinct there is a high possibility to find new customers. This post is a sequel of the series “42 ways to get customers” which are posted on the Hundred dollar business blog.

Being a computer guru I know many things about computers. I was
lately to a large computer store. There were two guys near me which were
talking to each other. Without wanting to spy on them I heard the one
asking the other some question that neither knew. But I knew the answer. I approached them and talked to them. They asked me their question too and with no hesitation I answered them.

Of course I don’t have any product or service that could help them, so the conversation stopped and we took separate ways.

Imagine the same thing happening to you in a large market. You hear
someone talking, approach him/her and say your oppinion. If you seem
friendly to him/her, he/she will start to talk to you.

With that method you can meet to many people. Don’t lose the opportunity to give them a business card before going away. If you can write down his/her name and email or phone number, it would be a lot better.

Make then a call the day after saying that you were happy that you met such a wonderful person. And by the way talk to him/her about your product or service.

Perhaps he/she probable wouldn’t be interested in your product or service, but a relevant or a neighbour.

If you approach unknown people you gain the skill to talk to them
easier and this is a benefit for you too. Either way public relations
are a very good way for your marketing campaign.

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