Tell people about it (your business) anywhere you see them - Ways To Get Customers

Tell people about it (your business) anywhere you see them – Ways To Get Customers

The hundred dollar business blog has a very good post about ways to get more customers. I have an idea, to analyze every single way so it’s more accessible and more friendly to you, to apply to your business or job.

Today I will analyze the following way to get customers: “Tell people about it anywhere you see them bus, plane, grocery store, etc.”

Well easy to say, but not easy at all to do. You need have much confidence and lot of experience to do such thing.

But you can start from places you are familiar with, like your bakery where you buy bread everyday or your near grocery store. There must be a local bar, or coffee shop. Anyway there sure are shops you know the owners and relate with.

You can just tell them that you started doing this and that, and by giving them your business card you achieve what you wish. Tell them that you would be happy if you could hang a poster or set up a stand with some cards about your work.
The hard part is to to this with complete strangers. Well I don’t advice this because strangers will look you strange when you ‘re going to talk to them. So to break this situation, try to talk about a subject. Ask something you have in common. Perhaps what a rainy day is today, or ask about the neighborhood as you are lost. So open up the conversation and word by word, it will come to the time that you will ask the occupation of the person you are talking to.

He will answer you, and BAM! you will tell him/her you occupation and give him/her your card.

I thing that is the best way to know new exciting people that are complete strangers.

Next time I will analyze the “Tell your family & friends about your product.” way.

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