Testing SwiftKey

Now testing SwiftKey keyboard and trying to type really fast.
It is really good, but and the auto correction works fine.
I can really type very fast and error free.
I am probably going through the buy SwiftKey for my Samsung Galaxy S 2.
Writing now can be real fun. :-)
Let’s see how it is to type in horizontal.
Mmm… The keyboard expands and I can see only a bit of my text.
I wish I could make the keyboard smaller on horizontal mode.

SwiftKey second review

SwiftKey android

Now I’ve changed some settings about the size of the horizontal display of my keyboard.
Let’s see how it looks like.
Also I’ve noticed that SwiftKey is pretty fast to. Its response is better than the default Samsung keyboard.

Trying out the keyboard voice function

Google voice typing

Well the voice function works well. I don’t know how to place full of shit (update : I meant full stop)   it still needs improvement but I can see that the most words are written correctly.

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