The real statistics as promised

Ok it’s Sunday and I attach the real statistics from my occupation as an Informer.

I went to total 29 businesses which include Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Clothing, Accessories .

From this 29, only in 17 talked with the supervisor/business owner.

From this 17 I made the presentation only to 6 businesses.

And from this 6 businesses only 3 have shown interest to be sponsor.

From this 3 businesses only 1 managed to be sponsor.

Conclusion is that I have a 1/29 rate to find sponsors unless I change my presentation, my behavior or my product.

This rate means that I have 3.4% conversion rate ! Wow thats a little one !

I hope this helps others to understand how the market works.

I will post more statistical data in the future.

Image courtesy of Jorge Franganillo

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