Tidy up your life with David’s Printable CEO Series

The days are passing before our eyes without to accomplish what we want. You should organize your life if you want to get things done. For example you have for today to call 2 people, to meet another 2 and have to get done about 3 tasks.

How much of this do you thing that you will have done by the end of the day?

Come on you know the answer. About 2 or 3 tasks. If you don’t organize your tasks you will never find the time nor the motive to get them done.

But I’ve a tip for you. Organizing your daily life isn’t hard. I’ve found a great person David Seah who is a graphic designer, but I would rather call him an Organizing God he invented the Printable CEO series which is a series of papers that will get you organize all your tasks, meetings, projects etc.

My favorite sheets are:

  • The Emergent Task Planner which will help you to organize your daily tasks
  • The Task Order Up! which are little sheets of paper with tasks on them
  • The Network Catch-o-Matic which tracks your networking status and public relations
  • The Concrete Goals Tracker which with a very nice way tells you which are the important tasks and which not.

All these sheets and many more you can find them on David Seah’s blog.

Image courtesy of David Seah

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