Trying something with Querypath

I am starting a new project using querypath and drupal.

Drinking 1&1/2 lt coke keeps me awake until early morning.

Happy coding :)

Children of Children (1 March 2011)

Finally I managed to get the Children tags of all Children in Drupal using QueryPath.

I celebrated that day because that’s my very first step for my project “Newsly” or whatever I will call it.

I walked by thinking the possibilities that would now emerge.

Fighting with RSS and HTML entities (6 March 2011)

I finally managed to get over a major problem which had with the rss and the encoded entities like < > ” & etc.

Instead of using the PHP function , I just used the preg_replace function using a regular expression.

So there it is , no more problems with the entities.

Stuck with Querypath (11 April 2011)

Querypath has a validation problem with inserting HTML with non valid HTML so when I try to insert an image  with $qp->html(‘<img src=”an image”>’) it gives you an error.

That must be a querypath bug.

Update (27 June 2016):
Querypath is an old project but I still use it until today. Also It’s available via composer, also I still drink coke…

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