twiDAQ Review

A few words about the game

twiDAQ is a fantasy stock market based on Twitter.

In this game you exchange stocks, buy and sell stocks, which are Twitter users.

For example if you register on twiDAQ your profile will become a stock which can be traded as well.

Any user registered on twiDAQ has his own stock value and can be traded.

How to register

Well the registration is pretty simple.

When you visit twiDAQ and have no account yet, a popup comes up telling you to register.

By clicking the button “Sign in with Twitter” you will be redirected to Twitter.

Authorize twiDAQ and you are set!

The only thing you have to do is to fill a little form which will probably will be already pre-filled with your account details.

You now are a Trader ! You can buy and sell stocks.

I didn’t tell you the good part. You get $50 so you can buy your first stocks and start making profit.

The Exchange

The Exchange is a list of indices.

Indices index top 100 stocks of each category.

There are special promotions marked with pink color.

If you trade a stock from this category, you get extra points.

To see the current promo go to your dashboard.

The Dashboard

As the name implies the dashboard is your head start.

From there you get a general picture of your profile, your stocks (portfolio) and your status.

A cool feature that I like about the dashboard is the following section

My Portfolio

This section is also pretty straightforward. You can here see the stocks you own, how much they changed and how much your GAIN/LOSS is.

I like the feature that you can see the twitter feed on the right side of your portfolio.

This enables you to know what’s going on with your stocks. If they are posting new tweets and have retweets or replies, you will see the stock growing.

My Trader

From this page you can see your trader profile.

As twiDAQ member, you start with a Training Licence.

As you advance in the game and level up your profile you get other licences as well.

Each licence has it’s own goods.

For example the 2nd level the “Home Trader License” you get $10 every week if you sign in daily.

Also with greater licence you can make more trades in a day.

Also with each licence you get challenges.

You will only advance to the next level/licence if you have completed these challenges.

My Friends Index

This sections shows the stocks of the profiles you follow on twitter.

Notice than not all users that you follow on Twitter are using twiDAQ as well.

It’s a good way to send them an invitation.

My Challenges

Shows the current status of your challenges.

You can see from this page which challenges have to be completed to proceed to the next level.

Also completing each challenge you get some kind of rewards, like points.

If you don’t know how to start, you can click on the challenge and you will be redirected to the page so you can complete it.

It’s a tree like structure, because many steps require 2 or more challenges to complete.

If you scroll down this page you can see the next levels, which are grayed out and locked.

The exciting thing about the challenges is that if you scroll at the bottom of the page, you will see a question mark.

This probably means that the developers will probably add more challenges in the future.

My Friends

It will probably be a list of users who you connect with.

I don’t know how to fill this list or send invites like the site suggests.

This probably will be a feature added in the future.

Correct me if I’m mistaken, so I update this review.

The friends list is composed out of people you follow on twitter that are playing twidaq as well.

– Mastacheata

Power-Up Shop

This page contains the power-ups you can, or not yet, purchase.

The power-ups cost $ and at start you can’t afford to buy all of them.

Although you can put real money in the game and purchase all those power-ups.

For example for 5 Eur I can purchase this newspaper subscription which cost $250 in the game.

Your “H.U.D.”

Last but not least, I should probably mention it at the beginning of this article but anyway, you have a “HUD” at the right bottom side.

This interface allows you to have a look of your status in every page of the game.

Also it has all the important menu buttons with descriptive icons.

Final word

I believe twiDAQ is a great game from every aspect.

  • Great Idea
  • Nice Gameplay
  • Superb User Interface

I suggest you give it a try.

For any questions or something I forgot to mention please leave a comment below.

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