Ubuntu – An Easy linux distribution

Update (27 June 2016): The Free CD ordering is no longer working, but you still can download Ubuntu and make your own bootable DVD/USB drive.

A friend of my friend asked if there was a linux distribution (distro) that is easy to use, to learn without any complicated installations and configurations.

My friend you are very lucky. Yes there is ! Try Ubuntu Linux. There isn’t more simple installation (as far as I know) as Ubuntu’s. It’s free, easy to use and if you have an adsl line you can download more software. But there is more !

If you go to this website https://shipit.ubuntu.com/ then you can order free cd’s. As many as you want. They will be happy to ship you wherever you are.

They have a very large and supportive community so if you have more detailed questions you can find them there too.

If you have questions too don’t hesitate to ask me.

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