Linksys WAG200G

WAG200G Remote Management Problems [Solved]

To manage remotely your Linksys WAG200G adsl modem and router then you have to notice the following things:

  • Enable remote management from the administration of your linksys router (it’s located by default at and username and password is admin)
  • Check if your ISP (internet service provider) is blocking any ports.
  • Go to and see if port 8080 is open. (Change the port for more security)

If the port is open then you can visit your router with the following link https://your ip here:port

Firefox or Internet Explorer will not load the administration until you grand access of the certificate. Trust the certificate and Voila! A popup dialog will ask you for username and password.

Change username and password for security reasons.

That’s it!!

Also if you want to access a server (Mail server, Remote management, File server, etc) you have to forward a port from ouside to the inside. You can do this by configuring the port forwarding options from the Applications&Gaming page.

Hope it helped!

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