Why I discontinued Adsense

After having Google adsense ads on my blog and showing them randomly to the three first posts by using Adsense Injection I decided to discontinue them.


Because after 500 impressions I hadn’t one single click, zero, null, 0 ! This is madness !

So by removing them I hope that the reading of my blog will be more easy.

If you don’t make any money from adsense too then what other ways do you use to monetize it ?

Edit: Well it was a quick decision to stop adsense in my blog. Revisiting the reasons why the readers not click on adsense, I found that there was nothing wrong with adsense itself, but with my advertising strategy. For example by wrong positioning the ads, I didn’t get any clicks. Now a have repositioned the ads so that they blend to the content and I have a CTR (click through rate) of about 3% which is not bad at all.

Image courtesy of Claudecf

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